Friday, November 20, 2009

PSF - Happy 9th Birthday Adam!

Adam, I know you would hate to read a gushy mom's letter for your birthday, so I'll keep it short. You brighten every room, you are "wicked" smart, and awesome at soccer. You love to read and you eat up book series like candy.  Perhaps like the bars of Kit Kats, your favorite candy. Sometimes I wish you weren't so oblivious to everything around you when you're reading, playing video games or watching TV. Hello Adam!

Your room is always an explosion of Legos and you love grooving to music. You've got real talent when it comes to the piano, except I know you still can't really read music (faker!).

I don't know how you grew up so fast, and I often wonder what happened to my Baby Buddha.  When did you get so tall and handsome?

Thank you for being kind and loving to your sister.  She couldn't ask for a better big brother and is lucky to have you.

I am very proud to be your mother. Happy Birthday, we love you, Adam!

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