Thursday, November 12, 2009

PSF - The Soccer Romance

Remember this picture of Dova flirting with a boy classmate during her first soccer game?

Apparently, this Kindergarten crush has blossomed through the season into a full-fledged romance. Grandma came to one of Dova's soccer games and captured the couple in action.

Here they are sharing some secret during practice. Either that or looking at a bug on the ball. Everyone is paying attention to the coach except for them.

Allow me to massage your shoulders.

Mwah!! I could just kiss you!

Let me impress you with the shirt-over-my-face trick! Dova was not so impressed...

I've got you now, let's hang out under my shirt. Since I can see that Dova is drinking from her water bottle, at least I know they're not locking lips! My 5-year-old baby is growing up way too fast.

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