Thursday, December 31, 2009

Choo Choo - Happy New Year!

Being at home for over a week and trying to cram a year's worth of crafts and projects with the kids apparently allows no time for blogging!  I don't know how you SAHM moms do it.

First, we continued our tradition of building our gingerbread house train this year on Christmas Day.

We even filled the caboose with homemade gingerbread people, thanks to a recipe on Boston Mamas.

Dova watched the snow fall every other day.

And she tried her hand at Orb Factory's Magnetic Mosaica, thanks to a recommendation from Boston Mamas (I don't know what I'd do without Christine!). Alas, Dova didn't receive her two front teeth for Christmas.

Adam helped create this mosaic giraffe from Orb Factory's Magnetic Mosaics Jr. (I'ts been pajama day every day here.)

Dova eagerly dived into this 1000+ piece Sticky Mosaic Jewelry Box (with some help from mom). Wow!

And we topped the crafts off with a favorite from my childhood, Shrinky Dinks!

Hope you had a great holiday! Happy New Year!

Photostory Friday hosted by Cecily.

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