Thursday, December 17, 2009

Geeky MIT Shirts

If you want the ultimate in geeky shirts, visit the MIT Coop.  There are limited versions at their webstore, so unfortunately you have to hoof it to their store in Cambridge, Massachusetts (the Student Center one to be exact).  Here's a selection of shirts:

MIT Shirts

The first shirt says, "The universe exploded out of nothingness 14 billion years ago and all I got was 100 trillion interconnected cells, a self-aware consciousness, and this lousy t-shirt!"

i Pi

First shirt is MIT in equations (OMG I am a geek):
m = E/c² - you all know this one, just do the algebra to put the c² on the other side.
i = √-1 - imaginary number
T = PV/nR - ideal gas law (I am a mechanical engineer after all, and it is the ONLY equation I remember).

Second shirt:
i: Get Rational
pi: Get Real

My Problem
You wanna know what's my problem?
Here's my problem:
If we are R light-years from a Kerr-Newman Black Hole with charge Q, angular momentum S, and mass M, and the line element for space-time in the vicinity of a Black Hole is:
ds² = -dt² + dr² + r² (dθ² + sin² θdφ²)
And if we know that the constants of the motion are:
[Pretty please, don't make me type those equations, my head may explode]
Then how long it is before our Solar System is sucked into the Black Hole?
So what's your problem?
OK, I have to say that I'm not worthy of my MIT degree.  I have no idea what this is saying!

What part of ... don't you understand?

Ditto for this shirt.

Sure, when I was an MIT student, I wore a shirt that read:
And God said:

And there was light!
But one day after the exam covering Maxwell's equations, I totally lost all knowledge of it. My absolute favorite MIT shirt was SPAMIT.

SPAMIT shirt

Stupid people at MIT! Now, that's something I can wear proudly.

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Unknown said...

Does anyone know the ten requirements to join SPAMIT? I had the list once (things like hasn't earned a Fields medal before age of 18, has not performed solo at Carnegie hall, etc.) really hilarious. Lost list, does anyone know?

Albert Lee

Unknown said...

That t-shirt with the equation (picture nr 4) is Navier-Stokes equation.

Textual Tees said...

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