Monday, January 25, 2010

Piano Lessons 'R Us

We started piano lessons with the kids last year, when Adam was 8 and Dova was 5.  Adam picked it up easily, but within a few weeks, it was apparent that Dova didn't have the coordination or concentration to do it.  We tried again a few months later, but after a practice where we both ended up in tears, we quit again. She wasn't able to practice on her own, and she simply couldn't do it with me either (one of the MANY ways we clash - there will be no homeschooling at this house!).

When I learned the piano, I practiced on my own every day, and during lessons, I would get corrected.  Adam is flying through his lesson books because at every lesson, he plays his pieces perfectly, thanks to his mom correcting him during practice time.  So I think he is learning twice as fast as I did.  Unfortunately, he relies on me to tell him the notes, so he still can't read music.

But the most rewarding part of practicing is when I get to play together with the kids.  When we play something that actually sounds like real music, it is a total rush.  It's pretty difficult to get them to perform at their best with the video rolling, but that awesome feeling of creating music together is still palpable (pink robe and all).

Today, I tried to start Dova on the piano again. After she threw a huge fit, we finally sat down to review some of her first lessons. After 15 minutes, we recorded this.

Do you see the delighted look on her face?  She's definitely ready for lessons again.  Here's hoping I won't strangle her in the process.  I love her to death, but sometimes...

Here are some encore videos of Adam (for Grandma).

I remember having trouble learning how to pedal properly, but with just a little bit of coaching, Adam picked it up and really understood it. His favorite part of this video is turning to camera onto me of course.


Momisodes said...

I love the last clip when Adam turned the camera around to you. I can only imagine how sweet it is to hear all of this music in the house.

I adore the smile on Dova's face. She looks quite eager to learn.

Linda said...

Adam played so well, it is awesome to hear playing at his recital and "canoeing in the moolight". He just did not play for grandma when I was in your house at Christmas time. Smile!! And then Dova, she was so concentrating reading the notes when she was playing with you. She was smiling all the time! Of course, she is ready to take the lesson.

Asianmommy said...

Thanks for sharing. My girls really enjoyed the performances. :)