Friday, January 08, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday

My *ahem* 43rd birthday passed without much fanfare this past Monday.  As always, my favorite part was the hand drawn cards from the kids.  I didn't even have to ask them to make them (kudos to Doug for being on the ball).  Adam made this geometrical card:

"Happy 43rd Birthay Mom! AdamMom.  (You're not old) (I'm serious!)"

Thanks for not calling me old! But it was the inside that melted my heart.

"I will love you forever. You'r son, Adam."

Proof that I have the sweetest boy in the world who loves apostrophes. Lest I think that he is absolutely perfect, I later learned that he got in trouble in school during recess and had to go to THE office. The vice principal's office. Oh well, sweet but ill-behaved. That's my boy!

Dova has been extremely diligent in learning to write her letters in kindergarten.

"Happy Brthday Mom! You are 43. Love Dova."

Apparently neither of the kids can spell "birthday"!

The inside was complete with a birthday cake, birthday hat, a present, music, a remote control(?!) and sperm balloons.

Thank you kids!  You're the best!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Happy Birthday! Homemade cards are definitely the best. :)

Linda said...

I like the lotus candles too. the home made birthday cards from Dova and Adam are priceless.

I read your BlogHer about finishing a thousand pieces of puzzle in your winter break this year. You briefly described your first puzzle you made in your late teen, ~18 year old. I remembered vividly about the old puzzle. I bought it from a drug store, it was left in a plastic bag put on the lowest shelf for sale of $1.00 and I had no idea what I would do for this puzzle. It was left in my closet until you came home from MIT of your winter break. As usual, I left you home without trying to spend time with you as I should be. So I took the puzzle out and left on the coffee table to see if you would like to assemble it. The puzzle captured an old fashioned liquorish candy store, with repeated candy jars. Some jars filled with red color candy which brightened the picture, but others were dull looking. In the corner of the counter, there was a cash machine made of cast-iron and an old fashion one pan balance with a swinging needle in front of bronze panel graded with number of ounces. The photo also showed some chocolate candy jars on the left lower side corner and some delicate candy jars on the top of right side of panel.
In my mind, it was impossible to finish the puzzle because I was not sure if the package I bought had entire 1000 pieces. Also, it was repeated patterns in a dimly lighted dark room, pretty confusing to me. My husband, John and I occasionally helped a little to find a right piece to fit in. Amazingly, when the time passed by during the Christmas holiday, you finished the puzzles with an extra five puzzle pieces left over. Your Daddy framed the puzzle and it was still hanging on the wall next to the stair case. I was so proud of your accomplishment. You showed me your wisdom, perseverance and patience. Indeed you flourished your life with enormous inner strength through the past 42 years and still going strong. Happy Birthday. I love you.

Rachel @ Grasping for Objectivity said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love the Geometric Card - little Engineer in training? And the fact that she drew her own Kindergarten lines to write her letters - love it!

Asianmommy said...

Haha! I love the cards--esp the balloons. :)