Monday, February 01, 2010

Am I Upside Down Now?

I had every intention of publishing this post during bike riding season, but it’s a long way off now, so here’s a glimpse back at summer…

As you may know, I love the challenge of taking photographs while riding my bike.  I’ve taken my point and shoot camera and captured photos behind me while riding. 

Extreme close-up behind the back

I’ve use my iPhone to get self-portraits.

Biking as the ground goes by

Biking with my iPhone

But when I got my iPhone 3GS with video recording last year, I could actually prove that I was moving while shooting.  And throw in a trick or two…

Am I upside down now?

In the winter, the bike trail is far from abandoned. It is used as a snowmobile trail, which makes it perfectly groomed for taking walks.

Apparently, I am forever tethered to my iPhone. Peace Sign


linda said...

You are not upside down, only fooled by your i-pod. I said I like to be an upside down situation like I was riding in the rollercoaster. They deleted my comments!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Ha! Ha! Love the upside down video. :D