Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Children of Invention - Coming to Boston!

Long gone are my days of being a movie buff, attending film festivals and watching independent films.  Movies these days are all about family friendly fare, which can be good on occasion, but they rarely move me.  When I heard about Children of Invention, I jumped at the chance to view it on DVD.  Winner of 15 festival awards, this film tells the story of single mother who gets embroiled in a pyramid scheme and disappears, leaving her two young children to fend for themselves.  I was initially drawn to this movie because it involved a Chinese-American mother and her two children, similar in age to my own kids, and was set in the Boston area.  But the movie will certainly appeal to anyone who loves family drama.

Writer-director Tze Chun's feature film debut is heartwarming, humorous and completely endearing.  The child actors Michael Chen (Raymond Cheng) and Crystal Chui (Tina Cheng) completely steal the show. I was especially impressed with Michael's range of emotion, and Crystal was completely charming and precocious.

Children of Invention is coming back home to Boston for a one week engagement at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge on February 26th. You can also catch it in New York and Los Angeles the week of March 12th.  You can also purchase the DVD as well.

Special thanks to Children of Invention for providing a discount on the purchase of the DVD.


linda said...

Very touching indeed.

Janet said...

It looks interesting...reminds me of a Japanese movie I saw once about a mom leaving her kids behind.

Momisodes said...

It definitely sounds like an interesting movie. I would love to try and see it while it's here.