Thursday, February 25, 2010

PSF - Olympics, Peter Max, Thought, God

As always, I have been loving the Winter Olympics coverage.  I love the incredible athleticism, sportsmanship, comradery, and personal stories.   This year has been especially nice, where I have been watching it one day late on the DVR and buzzing through the whole night's coverage in about two hours.  Attending the Winter Olympics someday is defintely on my bucket list.  The 2014 games in Sochi Russia is probably out of the question and the contenders for 2018 (France, Germany and South Korea) aren't much cheaper either.

Artist Peter Max created this commemorative painting for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino.  I snagged this shot from The Art of Peter Max Gallery in Las Vegas. You can purchase this poster at online store for a mere $310. Wow!

When I think of Peter Max I always think of this Love painting.

Back in the 70's my mother bought a set of Peter Max books with words by Swami Sivananda:  Love, Peace, Thought and God.  I treasured them back when I was a idealistic hippy child and still do as a free-spirited adult.  When I looked into purchasing a set for myself, I learned that these books have become a collector's item and are quite expensive.

I asked my mother if she would lend me the books or give them to me one day. She compromised and gave me two of the four books.  So now we are connected like a split heart pendant.  She has Love and Peace (definitely the best of the set) and I have Thought and God (probably what I really need the most).

"Control your thoughts.  Just as you retain only the good fruit and discard the bad, so also, keep good thoughts in your mind and reject the evil ones.  Wipe out lust, greed and egoism.  Entertain only pure, holy thoughts."

"The true goal of life is to return from the source from which we have come. Just as rivers flow restlessly till they join the ocean, just as the fire leaps and burns furiously till it merges in its own origin, so too we would be restless here until we become one with Him. God is our ultimate source and destination."

Looking at the back of these books, they were only $1.95 each in 1970.

All that wisdom for a few mere dollars.  I'm glad that we split the books as it will be a sad day when they are all united again.

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Chris said...

I love Peter Max. His art is so uniquely his own.

We had the Winter Games here (in Salt Lake City), and it was an amazing experience -- though if we're ever lucky enough to get them again, I would make more of an effort to get to more of the events.

I've often wished that the previous host cities would relight their cauldrons during subsequent games. Ours seems to be a giant bird nest now.

LeAnn said...

What great color! $300, wow! I guess having a picture of it can be enjoyable too. :)

Janet said...

Those quotes are great, thank you for sharing them with us!

linda said...

It will be thrill to attend the future winter Olympics in Russia and Germany. I am watching the Vancouver Olympics on TV, very inspiring. Peter Max’s paintings touched my soul. the books of Love, Peace, God and Thoughts are temporary placed always in two locations but they are always united.

Cecily R said...

We had some Peter Max at our house when I was a kid too (although I admit that I didn't know who he was back then or really think that much about him)!

Since we had the 2002 Winter Games so close (Chris and I live a few miles apart) I was lamenting the other night that we didn't go to any events to my husband (we went to a few medals ceremonies though). Then he reminded me that we had a brand new baby AND most of the events were WAY out of our pricerange. Life gets in the way sometimes. :)

DaBudges said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Never heard of this guy. Very unique art.

Asianmommy said...

Cool poster!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen his work before, but wow I love it!

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