Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One of a Kind – Daniel Spirer Custom Jewelry

Back when I was single, I remember perusing the Boston Globe Magazine and eyeing the beautiful custom jewelry.  Someday, I thought, someday.  When my now husband was contemplating getting engaged, I immediately mentioned Spirer –Somes Jewelers (now Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers).  Doug knows that I am too much of a planner to accept a surprise proposal with a surprise ring.  Same with my pregnancies, there will be no surprise announcement of the baby’s sex at the time of birth!

As with my kid’s names, I had specific requirements for my ring.  No prongs to get caught on things!  I wanted a smooth bezel mount.  Then I saw this ring.


Actually it was a ring with three diamonds similar to the one shown on the top of this photo.

Image from Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers gallery.

There was no need for Doug to go broke, so we opted for beautiful medium blue sapphires to flank the diamond.  That also made this ring completely unique.  No one else has a ring exactly like it.  The only thing was, each stone had 6 prongs for a total of 18 prongs!  So much for my no prong rule.  Since then, I have realized that a prong mount allows for light to come through the bottom of the stone, allowing it to sparkle from within.  I do get my ring caught on things every so often, but it is well worth the beauty of the ring.  I still regularly get compliments on it nearly 12 years later.

And true to form when it comes to rules, when we named Adam, I had to throw out my rule of “no biblical names”.  We picked the most biblical one of all!  And without Daniel’s mis-writing of Doug’s name, we wouldn’t have had the name Dova at all.

After a few years, Doug and I went back to Spirer-Somes and picked out this ring for Mother’s Day.  It is very similar to my wedding ring, except it is a sapphire flanked by two diamonds in bezel mounts.

I finally had my bezel mount ring.  They make a very nice complementary pair.  If you’re ever in the market for beautiful unique jewelry check out Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers in Cambridge, MA or at his website.  He’s quite a character and has a blog as well.

Note:  This post was definitely not sponsored as Doug spent the really big bucks for these beautiful rings.  Photos were taken with my Canon Rebel XTi with a 50mm lens and 25mm extension tube.

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Beautiful rings, good taste!