Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Study in Flip-Flops

Last month, I let Adam try on my heels. Look at those sexy legs!

I dare say that his legs look better than mine. Here I am in those shoes, snapped by Dova.

But I digress. This post is about flip-flops (a.k.a. thong sandals) after all.  When I was a kid, I didn't wear flip-flops.  My parents somehow convinced me that they were bad and besides, whenever I tried them on, that piece between the toes was never comfortable.  I was perfectly happy wearing regular sandals, with and without a back strap. When the original Dr. Scholl's (I'm dating myself) and Birkenstocks were in, I was in heaven (of course I only wore the cheap knock-offs).  When I met Doug, he liked wearing flip-flops so I decided to give them another try.  Here he is in a cheap pair that we later found out were manufactured by the same company who made the nasty Walmart flip-flops.

For extra cuteness, here is Dova when she was three years old, wearing Dad's flip-flops.

I started with cheap $1 flip-flops which irritated the space between my toes to no end.  I mostly wore them to the pool or the gym shower.  If I had to walk more than a few hundred feet, I would be cursing them.  My kids however, took to flip-flops like they were born with them on and couldn't understand what my problem was.  Last year, I finally found a pair with cloth instead of rubber between the toes and they made a world of difference.  I could finally wear flip-flops!  Good thing too, because you are hard pressed finding regular sandals at a store like Target.  They have an entire wall filled with flip-flops and hardly a handful of sandals.  I finally felt like part of my family of flip-floppers.  Here I am with Dova in my new flip-flops:

Dova has extra wide feet, so finding shoes and sandals to fit her is quite the chore.  Flip-flops don't care how wide your feet are, although there are some straps that are too tight for her to get her feet into.  Since her feet were so wide, I wanted to see if I could fit my feet into her kid size 13 flip-flops.

OMG, I could actually fit my feet into her flip-flops! Heels hang off the back a bit though winking.

Now back to Adam and my shoes.  Those heels actually fit him pretty well.  How is that possible?  He's only nine years old!   He wears a size 6 and upon investigation, that's the same as a women's size 7. That's pretty darn close to my shoe size of 8!  So I decided to try on his flip flops.

Wouldn't you know it, they fit just fine.  He has HUGE feet.

Now that I've gotten used to wearing flip-flops, I can even wear the one with the rubber straps now.  But most happily, I have opened a new world of fashionable footwear for myself.  I just picked up this pair of scarf flip-flops from Target.

Don't they match my work carpeting well?  But really, they are so cool, funky, hippy, dressy, so me!  Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

You looked great in your high heel shoes! Good shot by Dova, That piece of stripe never fits to my toes.