Wednesday, July 07, 2010

$100 BlogHer Question of the Day - Would You Swap Places with Your Partner?

I'm honored to be the $100 BlogHer Question of the Day. If you haven't checked it out yet, just hop over the BlogHer, answer the question (there's a new one every day), you'll be entered to win $100 in cool cash.

My question was, "Have you ever thought about how your life would be if you swapped places with your spouse or significant other?"

The answers are quite interesting so far. I would say that 95% of people say "No way!" and there is a small segment that would love to swap places or try for a day.  Some responses hinge upon roles and responsibilities and some hinge on gender.  Here are some great responses that made me laugh out loud.
Hubby and I actually work together doing the same job, so switching there wouldn't be so hard. However, he has to put up with ME and I could never tolerate that.

...see what it is like to live like a man with all that testosterone.
And this response was so touching.
My final partner I met late in life and he was the soul mate I waited so long for, he was an award winning writer and I would not have traded places with him because I loved being his partner and being awed by his intellect, his compassion for others, his empathy with the world's underprivaleged which stemmed from his own poor childhood from which he worked himself up to a DLitt. He died suddenly and way to soon but I am so happy to have had him for the 4 years we were together and would wish every woman could have had such an experience.
I'm so glad this question brought out this response.  What a beautiful relationship.

Here's my response.  I would definitely like to swap temporarily for a week or a month.  In the small crowd of yes comments, many of them had stay-at-home husbands which is the situation we fall into.  I've never had the chance to be with my kids full time outside of maternity leave.  I'm sure the situation would fall apart quickly because I'm way too much of a control freak.  But I love the thought of planning fun-filled summer days with them and six hours of quiet to myself while they are in school.  My hubby is currently looking to get back to work, but it would have to be his kind of work and not mine.  He would be flummoxed with my software code!  When I wrote the question, I was mainly thinking about roles and responsibilities.  But after reading the comments about gender, I definitely would want to try swapping so I could be male.  I have had dreams that I've been a male and it was very interesting... (don't get me wrong, these dreams have been very rare!).

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Asianmommy said...

I think my husband's job is interesting, and I think I would enjoy doing it, but honestly, I prefer being the one who gets to spend more time with the kids. Leaving for work before they're up and sometimes coming home after they've already gone to bed would be really hard for me to deal with on a regular basis.