Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Heart Rock

On our last trip to the beach this summer, we took a walk while waiting for a table at a restaurant.  It was a gorgeous summer evening, and we explored along an Audobon trail in Westport, MA.

Audobon trail

The lush grass soon turned into the shoreline. Adam and Dova wanted to search for a souvenir rock to bring home.

Searching for rocks

Um, that one is too big Dova...

There were so many beautiful colors and textures to choose from.


Dova stands on rocks

Finally Dova found this heart-shaped rock and knew it was the one.

Heart Rock

It is the perfect heart rock for my heart child. Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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Asianmommy said...

Wow--I've never seen a heart-shaped rock. Lucky girl.

Magpie said...

We always bring home too many rocks, too. We just spent two weeks up in Atlantic Canada, and I brought back a mess of rocks to give to everyone in my office. Curiously, they didn't think I was completely nuts. (I also handed out Smarties and Coffee Crisps.)