Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Frigid Days in New England

Our very mild December turned into a bear in January with snowstorm after snowstorm and frigid temperatures.  But it still makes for fun times.  Icicles are always a beautiful thing (when you're not thinking of ice dams and roof / gutter damage).


Icicles hanging at sunset

How cold is frigid?  On Monday morning, we awoke to a low temperature of -15.5°F.  That's the lowest that we've ever seen at our house.


On the ride into work at 8:30 AM, it was still -10°F outside my car.  Again, the lowest temperature I've ever seen on my dash!  I know you Mid-westerners are scoffing at this, but it was definitely worth capturing on my phone.


When it was a balmy 10°F the next morning, it didn't feel so cold anymore.  Can you imagine 10°F feeling like a normal temperature?

Over the weekend, Adam asked that I take pictures outside.  I only lasted about 1/2 hour as my fingers were starting to freeze inside my fleece gloves.  After coming inside, I realized it was because it was only 14°F out.  This didn't stop the kids from having a blast in the snow.

Dova make tunnels in the snow bank.

Snow tunnel

Adam sledded down the driveway between the snow banks as if it were half pipe for the skeleton.  Whoosh!

Top of the driveway


Left bank

Heading right

Right bank

And we got some better jumping shots before my fingers fell off.

Flying sideways

Split jump


Just look at that extension. 

Inside, we continued our fun cooking on the wood stove!  Here I am re-hydrating beans for chili.  Not only is the wood stove saving on heating oil, it is saving electricity!  Just like the colonial days.

Cooking beans on the wood stove

And every night, I warm up my nightgown and pillow in front of the wood stove for a cozy night's sleep.  I love winter!


1A said...

Brrrrrr! Sounds like Iowa. Stay warm! :)

linda said...

It looks like long Island, NY Two third of green house was buried in snow.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos! Just found your blog and I'k really looking forward to reading about all your adventures! I want to live there :D

Karmyn R said...

BRRRR! And I'm sitting in my house feeling cold with a 40°F temp outside. Shame on me.