Friday, February 18, 2011

Girlfriends at Seven

Fairy Princesses
After the sleepover

There are definitely differences between the way boys and girls play and show their affection for their friends. Adam does the typical ball playing, video games and wrestling. Dova has fallen in to the typical girl chat, and playing with dolls, stuffed animals and playing house. Despite any efforts to promote gender neutral play, it always ends up along the stereotypical boy/girl lines. Which is fine. No need to fight it.

Dova and K
Hanging out over onion rings at the Museum of Science

But the one thing that I love with Dova is that when I ask to take a picture of her with her friends, they have no problems getting really close together for the shot.  Adam feels uncomfortable getting too close to friends unless he’s wrestling them.

D and P

I love capturing these shots of Dova with her friends!  I used to think that age four was the epitome of little kid cuteness, but age seven rules for big kids!