Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love with Chocolate Leaves

Chocolate leaves and cookies

For Valentine's Day this year, I was inspired by Piera's beautiful chocolate leaves from her premier post on Aiming Low. She even got her hubby to demonstrate how to make them on video!  I'm no food blogger (especially since my last food post here was about ramen noodles), so don't look here for directions. I can only offer advice as a totally non-crafty kinda baker.

First thing I had to do was to find some fake leaves.  I have no plant-like decorations in my house, other than the wild real plants that live here, and have never understood the huge section of plastic flora at craft stores.  I found this nice fake plastic branch for $1.99.

Plastic leaves

I yanked off the smaller leaves and washed them. Dova thought they looked like little feet. I left the leaves attached to each other "just in case" I wanted to use the branch again.

Dova drying leaves

I didn't manage to take any photos during the process of making the chocolate leaves, so go back and visit Piera's awesome cheesecake post on Aiming Low. Chocolate covered hands simply don't go with cameras in my book. But I can certainly take photos of the finished product.

Chocolate leaves

And with our Valentine heart cookies.  Dova went a bit overboard with the colored sugar...

Heart cookies

To add a bit of color and hopes for springtime, we made a batch of flower cookies as well. Again overboard with sprinkling...


Dova, not so much!

Dova decorates

During the cookie making process, Dova uttered the ultimate mommy bliss words, "Mom, I LOVE baking with you." Awww, I think I'll keep her.

Chocolate leaves and cookies

Her cookies make for a beautiful presentation with the chocolate leaves. And afterward, I put the leaves back on the branch and put them in the corner of my kitchen. I can decorate with fake plastic plants after all!

Fake plastic leaves

Well sort of. Is my coffee maker growing a plant or just happy to see me?


Unknown said...

They turned out beautifully, Angela! Love the cookies and how your presented them all together--too cute!

1A said...

So pretty!