Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Photographs - Pieces of Giant Mom

Over at Photo Sleuth, Brett had found my first photograph post and included it in his post about first photographs. In my original post, I mentioned that I have no idea what my children's first photographs were. Brett's post inspired me to do a little digital sleuthing in Flickr so I searched for the oldest photo tagged with their name as photographer.

At Doug's birthday party in 2005, when Adam was four and a half years old, I handed him my Olympus C3000 and asked him to take a picture of me.  At first I thought this was his first photograph.

My skirt, by Adam

I love it! This was obviously long before he became the great photographer that he is now. Then I remembered that he first photographed my face, and when I looked at the photo, I asked him to include my skirt in the picture. So that was his second photo and this was actually his first.

Mom, by Adam

Giant Mom towering over Adam! Here's a shot of Adam just an hour before enjoying Doug's birthday cake.

Adam eating Doug's birthday cake

Holy frosted sweatheads!

Dova took the camera for the first time when she was just over three years old. She took Adam's camera, a Nikon E3200, and shot this photo of me at the laptop.

Mom is big to Dova!

She followed with this one of me returning to geeking out.

Mom at laptop by Dova

In the Flickr description of this photograph, I had written, "Dova's first photograph?". Check the EXIF data, baby!  I was off by one photograph for both of them.  Now I have definitive proof of both my children's first photographs and I am honored that they are pieces of their giant mom.

Here she was just a few days before sleeping in my bed.

Dova and her Fur Real kitty

Hey, who stole my cute sleeping baby girl?

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