Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Getting Gorgeous with Hair Room Service

After Hair Room Service

If you know me, being girly, especially with my hair, is really low on my list of priorities. I am blessed with typical straight black (dark brown to be exact) Chinese hair that requires absolutely no maintenance. It is  trimmed about twice a year and I only need to keep those Asian grays away.

At the wonderful Getting Gorgeous event this year, organized by the super industrious team of Audrey and Vera, I waited through the long line for Hair Room Service.  There were three stylists and I carefully wished that my hair would be done by Michael DueƱas himself, founder Hair Room Service.  Before me, was Caitlin Knight of Raising Global Kids.  Michael transformed her extremely long curly locks into a sleek, shiny straight hair in a matter of minutes.  It was like magic!

Taming the curls

Of course having lived with straight hair all my life (lets forget the perm phase in the eighties), curls were in order for me.  Michael asked whether I curled my hair often and I explained that really did nothing with my hair because I liked to keep it simple.  Here I am with (cardboard) Drop Dead Diva before my styling.

Me with Drop Dead Diva

I seriously just washed and brushed my hair and hopped in my car for this event. Neat, but boring!

Michael was completely charming and explained his business of celebrity hairstyling.  Earlier that day, he had done Lady Gaga's hair for a video shoot.  I couldn't watch the process for my hair, but afterward, I was nearly jumping for joy.

Michael and me

Getting Gorgeous? Total success. Thank you Michael!


jodifur said...

so nice to chat with you in line and glad you liked it!

Caitlin Knight said...

I feel like such a celebrity! ;) I was so amazed that Michael was able to make my unruly curls so straight, glossy and healthy looking - and in such a short amount of time! My husband and kids LOVED it - my 5 year old almost cried when I washed it and it went back to its old curly self. ;)