Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome AutoWeek! Here's the Fleet

After some time, I finally get to announce that I will be writing for AutoWeek online!  My first post, Here's how the minivan stopped me from having more kids, was published yesterday.  The original title was "Minivans as a Form of Birth Control."  We've never ever considered buying a minivan, especially since we stopped having children at two, so I like to joke that the mere thought of a minivan stopped us from having more kids.  That is until now...

Check out the post over at AutoWeek to see why and how we caved with our latest car minivan purchase.  In the article, I mention that we love performance cars, but not which ones. Here's our fleet as it stands now.

Holiday portrait in 135i

Last year's family portrait in an antithesis of a minivan... my 2009 BMW 135i Convertible with the M sport package.  This baby flies at 300 HP.  The story of how this car came to be is here.

Dad, kids and Corvette

Doug's car is a made-to-order 2006 Corvette with the Z51 performance package. He beats me at 400 HP. Zoom!

BMW 325i wagon

Since my precious rear wheel drive 135i doesn't handle the New England ice and snow (and car-eating salt) very well, I kept my previous car, a 2001 BMW 325xi touring sedan (i.e. wagon), for the winter (and rainy days). This was my daily driver since 2003 and has been quite a trusty workhorse. Not to mention it is quite luxurious and sporty with a sport suspension and manual transmission. Now this is the only car that we have with a 5-speed instead of a 6-speed manual transmission.

Is that a minivan?

Here's the latest edition, a Mazda5 with a 6-speed manual transmission. How much flak are we gonna get for this family portrait?


Allison said...

Beautiful BMWs. We're a BMW family too so excuse me while I drool over that convertible! Makes me wish they would design some SUVs that are 7 seaters!

I admit the thought of having a minivan has made me want to stop at two, too!

Karen the Californian said...

I'm a proud minivan driver! I guess you're right though: we bought our minivan when Baby #2 was less than a year old, and we still only have 2 kids, five years later.

The last picture with the jumping kids reminds me of the old Toyota advertising campaign, "Oh what a feeling!"

Rachel said...

Four cars for four people... perfect math, I suppose! :)