Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Return of the Shield Sunglasses

Angela Rio

At the People's Party at BlogHer, Fox Entertainment provided a photo op with Blu from the movie Rio.  I donned a pair of ridiculously large shield sunglasses and poses in front of the green screen.  Afterward, I loved the photo and the look!

I returned home with a quest for a pair of shield sunglasses.  NYS Collection came through with a large collection of contemporary sunglasses including many shield types.

NYS Collection Sunglasses

When I put on my new retro sunglasses, Doug looked at me and said that was nothing, he had an original pair of Bausch & Lomb Wings sunglasses from the 80's and produced the Yoko Ono-like sunglasses in a cordoroy covered case.  I looked online and a genuine vintage pair of B&L Wings runs for nearly $300!  Back when I met Doug in the 90's, I remembered seeing these sunglasses and heartily laughed at their shape.  Who knew they would come back in style and be worth so much?

Adam in Doug's B&L Wings.

Thankfully, the NYS Collection including Jersey Shore sunglasses are available for $19.99 at NYS Kiosks in shopping-centers across the US.  I love the updated styling.  Check out my kids as they model them.

Cool shades
Adam is a cool dude.

Way too big but way cute on Dova's small face.  Watch out for that movie star attitude!

Special thanks to NYS Collection for providing a pair of sunglasses for review.  No other compensation was given.

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linda said...

Gorgeous sunglasses, I like your potrait with the Rio bluse bird.