Monday, September 26, 2011

Apple Picking, Corn Maze and Corn Cannons = Fall in New England

Apple on the tree

Since the kids have been indoctrinated in the New England tradition of apple picking, we have not missed a fall season of apple picking in recent memory.  And since my Groupon Summer of 2011 is spilling into autumn and beyond, we tried a new apple picking farm featured in Groupon this year.

I was first intrigued by the Groupon for Schartner Farms because of the corn maze attraction, or "corn maize".  The aerial photo reminded me of crop circles which I've always wanted to experience first hand.  How do they mow it so precisely??  (The maze, not crop circles.  Crop circles are real, right?  Right??)

The kids were a little apprehensive about diving in, but once we had maps in hand, we didn't get too lost (except in the tractor wheel).  Four acres of corn maze is pretty expansive, but we got through in about 20 minutes.

In the corn maze

And for another new activity, we tried out the corn cannon.  I am so not "country", that I had to google "corn cannon" before we went to see what the heck it was.  I described it to a co-worker and he said, "You mean a potato gun, but with corn?"  I don't even know what a potato gun is.  Obviously not a native New Englander.

Dova and the corn cannon

The kids could have done the corn cannon all day, but my wallet dictated just three shots per kid. Here's Adam trying to shoot the corn through the hoop in the woods. (First day using the video mode on my new Canon Rebel T3i, so I couldn't get the hoop in focus.)

After this apple picking photo op, I relaxed on this bench while the kids did all the apple picking. I enjoyed the fresh autumn air and the view of the corn maze in the distance.  It was so peaceful.

Relaxing on the bench

Let's not forget a pumpkin or two to bring home.  Adam picked out this perfect 25 pounder.  He is so photogenic with pumpkins!  Remember this technicolor pumpkin picking from two years ago...

Adam's pumpkin

And no apple picking day is complete without the bubbly goodness of apple pie.  Mmmm pie!

Apple pie

Happy Autumn everyone!


Walmart Coupon Codes said...

love the pics.. very natural

Arts and Crafts for Kids said...

The 'Children of the Corn' and pumpkin as well. LOL.