Friday, May 11, 2012

Hiking for Photographs

Beautiful Dova taken by Adam
Beautiful Dova tree-hugger taken by Adam.

Last summer, when I suggested to hiking to the kids, they immediately said, "Nooooo!!! That's BORING!!!"  So I bribed them with a camera for each and lots of snacks.  Adam got my brand new Canon EOS Rebel T3i and Dova used my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5K.

Adam has taken photographs along these trails for years now, and he's always had a great eye.  This year, he was more interested in getting as many "butt shots" as he could.

Butt shot

Good thing Dova has a cute caboose!  Dova took the high road with her camera and captured this amazing photograph of the waterfalls near a dam.  Such movement!  Such texture!  And the light through the water!

Waterfall by Dova

Later, Dova gave up the camera and took to tree hugging.

Tree Hugging

I asked Adam to take a close up of her. Closer! Zoom in! He starting joking around and exaggerated everything I said. And then this beautiful shot emerged.

Beautiful Dova taken by Adam

This has now become our favorite photograph of Dova. It is framed in our house and in the homes of both grandparents.  Wow, Adam you are quite the photographer!

Later, Adam finally gave my camera back and I captured these shots during the golden hour on our hike back. Here they are taking a rest along the edge of the trail.

Adam and Dova take a rest

It was a beautiful spot to stop, overlooking a lake.

Overlooking the lake

They got a bit silly, here's Dova pretend-slapping Adam in the face.

Fake slap

It was a beautiful day to get outdoors for a hike. I love to see the kids this happy.

Something funny

We've since moved onto to mountain biking as a family, and now they've finally stopped groaning whenever I suggest hitting the trails.  Yay!


Anonymous said...

Your hiking was so tranquil and relaxed. Beuatiful photos, I enjoyed looked at Dova's portrait,hugging the tree trunk, everyday. the photo is hanging in my dinning room.

Kate Hayes said...

Great photo indeed! And your little girl is gorgeous! My husband and I are trying to instill the joys of hiking into our kids too. There's nothing quite as peaceful!