Thursday, September 06, 2012

PSF - Greetings from Under the Lake

Long time no Photo Story Friday!  Good to be back.

Sure, we have thousands of picture from land and air, but now we can finally have photos from the sea, or lake, in this case.


Dova had a blast performing for our latest gadget.

We even got our friend's dog doing the ol' doggie paddle.

Adam just didn't like looking underwater in the lake (unless baby catfish are involved), but I managed to take this fun still photo.


And this unassuming video produced the lovely underwater portrait of Dova.

Here's the new underwater camera we took these photos and videos with:

Oregon Scientific ATC 9K Full 1080P High Definition Water Resistant Action Camera

No, this is not a review post as I paid cold hard cash (well Groupon dollars anyway) for this camera. The camera has a fixed wide angle lens, which is great for keeping motion shots from being shaky, but not exactly ideal for artful photography.  It's been rugged and fun so far!

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