Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Hearts Day

I love the shape of a heart. It's totally corny, but seeing hearts always makes me smile.  For Valentine's Day, I collected snapshots of hearts, purposeful and accidental.

First, Dova and I found this yummy looking candy hearts box from Russell Stover.  I just want to take a bite out of it!

Dova QT Pie candy box

From Google Doodle, more candy hearts!  If you click on them, you get little stories produced by This American Life (check out their Valentine's sampler as well).  What a wonderful surprise treat!

From Sudbury Farms, this heart wreath made from recycled newsprint.  Beautiful!

Paper heart wreathPaper heart wreath close-up

From Bejeweled Blitz, the Heart Stone gem and this all-time high score I got with Dova!  First place this week, baby!

Finally, from My Singing Monsters, my collection of monsters have all been arranged in a heart shape.  For Valentine's Day, the Air Island is already heart-themed!  I was ecstatic to add the Schmoochle to the collection.

My Singing Monsters Air Island Valentines Day

All the monsters on the other islands followed suit:

My Singing Monsters Gold Island
My Singing Monsters Water Island
My Singing Monsters Cold Island
My Singing Monsters Plant Island

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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