Thursday, August 27, 2015

He Came, He Conquered, He Took Home the Cake

Here's Adam emulating Bruce Lee, handsome as ever, without his usual glasses and huge mop of hair. Next week he will be starting high school!

Four years ago, this cute little boy entered middle school at 5th grade, unable to deal with no more recess, but always with a zen-like calm in every situation.

Adam 2011

Since then he's grown from 4'8" to 5' 10", towering over both of us.  But some things didn't change. Like his recreational basketball teams winning the championship in 5th, 6th and 8th grade.  Look how much smaller that trophy looked last year!

Adam 5th Grade Basketball

Adam also played mallet percussion in band throughout.  Did I mention that he grew over a foot?!

Of course he played violin like every good Asian boy should.

Not all of them can play as beautifully as this.

But some things were totally new. His soccer team went from losing every game to winning the regional trophy.

Most notably, he learned to play the bass and has become an awesome bassist, or a "bass prodigy" as one of his rock band members call him.  When he was first invited to perform in the middle school jazz band, I pushed him to learn the electric bass because "it was just like the violin, except in fourths". Clearly a stretch, but he had no problem learning it with just a few lessons from his mom and band teacher.

And then this year, we got him an upright bass and lessons because "it was just like the violin and the electric bass combined".  In only a couple months he was able to play his upright bass in the District Jazz Band, performing with 18 of the best middle school musicians from over 100 schools!

Central District Jazz Band

I didn't manage to cut his unruly hair for his 8th grade ceremony, but he still looked dapper.

And after the celebration dance, he took home the cake!

On to high school! We are so proud of you!

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I am proud of you to raise your gorgeous kids.