Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Shipping up to King Richard's Faire!

King Richard's Faire Family

Hear ye! It's time once again to head to Carvershire for King Richard's Faire! This was our second year visiting the enchanted forest. Watch our whole visit below in only one minute and 20 seconds! In case you're wondering how I managed to stitch iOS live photos together, I used the Google Motion Stills app to export the videos and then Videoshop to put all the still photos, live photos and videos together (there's no one magic app to handle live photos). Click the sound on to sing along at the end!

This time, we tried to see shows that we missed last year and also try new foods. Here are the shows we watched:
  1. Draiku aerial show (breathtaking, see video clips)
  2. Daniel Duke of Danger (watched again for my mom)
  3. The King's Tournament (can't miss the jousting!)
  4. The Mud Show by the Sturdy Beggars - this is clearly the loudest show in the land so I wanted to check it out. And true to it's name, it's muddy and bawdy, and somewhat entertaining if you like getting dirty.
As usual, here's the rundown of the money spent. Clearly I didn't read last year's post about starting with less food tickets and started with more! Here's how 70 food tickets were spent this year:
  1. $12 for a turkey leg (tasty, smoked and tender, shared by all)
  2. $12 for water bottles (3 bottles at $4 each)
  3. $10 for Caesar chicken wrap (a bit too much dressing)
  4. $10 for chicken gyro (pretty tasty)
  5. $12 for chicken fingers and fries (Adam doesn't like to try new things)
  6. $8 for Blue Moon pumpkin ale with a pumpkin spice dipped cup (very tasty!)
  7. $5 for root beer float (had to have this again, made with soft serve ice cream)
  8. $1 as a souvenir:
    King Richard's Faire food ticket
Notice that we only really had four meals and drinks split between five people (I snatched bites of everyone's food), so your food dollars may vary. But I was glad to actually get a beer this time and chomp on a turkey leg.

Here's what we spent on other games and goods at the Faire:
  1. $5 for a ring for Lady Dova (she remembered to wear her flower wreath from last year)
  2. $7 for bartender and performer tips (well deserved)
  3. $4 for Dova to throw ninja stars (one stuck, see video!)
  4. $8 for Adam and I to ride the Sky Chair Swing (too dizzy for me)
In the end, we spent less than last year because we kept Master Card and Lady Visa at bay for the pricier merchandise.

Now it's your turn to visit King Richard's Faire. The knights are waiting!

Photo by Tim Rice.

Disclaimer: I received admission tickets courtesy of Dennehy PR, thank you Lady Julie!

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Julie Dennehy said...

Great post, Mommy Bytes... love seeing your family spending time together playing the woods... and love the video too! Great post - will share with the King Richard's Faire community on social too. Huzzah!