Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Happy Stars and Stripes

After making the knitted American Flag wreath, I had lots of leftover red, white and blue yarn, so I went on an American flag craft frenzy. First I created this infinity scarf using a 1x1 rib stitch. The same star pattern was used to attach stars on both sides of the blue section. I couldn't quite figure out the right length, one loop looks too long and two loops look too small!

After that, I made this mini crochet flag using this free pattern. Of course, I wanted to be authentic and sew exactly 50 white beads in the correct pattern. This painstaking task took about 10 times longer than crocheting the two sides, so I only beaded one side. And what exactly do you do with a mini crochet flag? I wasn't going to use it as a keychain, so it just sits there on the table for random crafts.

Still, the best flag craft is the American Flag wreath. Go check out the pattern!

American Flag Wreath

Happy Fourth of July!

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