Monday, October 29, 2018

Jumping into Mechanics Hall

People swear by visualization as a technique to achieve your dreams. As a parent, I always wanted my kids to succeed in music. Six years ago in 2012, we went to a concert at Mechanics Hall in Worcester. It was the first time the kids experienced this magnificent space. Adam was 11 and Dova was 8 years old.

I wanted them to feel comfortable in this space so we explored the stage a bit during intermission.

Of course, I made sure they "didn't go too far".

I mentioned, "Wouldn't it be nice if you could perform here one day?"

I took the first photo of the bustling hall, framed it and put it on the landing of the stairs to the second floor of our house so they would see it each time they went upstairs. Imagine yourself performing here...

Only three years later, Adam performed at Mechanics Hall with his school band as part of the MICCA Gold Medal Showcase. Woohoo! Visualization paid off! He's actually performed there six times since with various groups. In the last performance, I decided to capture the same shot but with Adam in the photo this time. He always stands out playing the bass.

And then I replaced the photo in the stairwell. Way to jump into the photo!

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