Friday, June 04, 2004

What a morning!!

Doug took his motorcycle to work this morning and left my car outside of the garage. Asked Adam whether he wanted to take the green car without realizing that my car was already out. When we went outside, I told him that we had to take the grey car since it was already outside. Adam had a fit and insisted on taking the green car. It was quite a struggle getting him into the grey car, he was completely hysterical. It is one thing forcing a 18 month old into the car, but by the time they are 3.5, you'd think they could be more cooperative. Didn't want to scare the neighbors by the way I was yelling, had to threaten a spanking, and he had already had a time-out earlier for driving his motorcycles on the walls. Finally drove to school, but he did not calm down. Kept crying and screaming the whole way. Half way there, he said he wanted his burpies and his baby (doll). When we got close to school, he said he wanted to go home and didn't want to go to school. Pulled into the lot and told him that we were not going home and he had to calm down. Had to stand outside of the car because I just couldn't take the screaming. Of course, baby Dova starts crying as well. I waited for 15 minutes for him to calm down, and he wouldn't. He refused hugs, he refused to calm down. Wanted to go home to get his burpies and his baby. I told him that if we had to go home I would be very angry. Of course the days of Kathy's house (family daycare) I would just drag him inside and leave him. Now, with preschool, I have to leave him as a happy boy or else they would cry abuse. I finally had to get back into the car and drive home. As soon as we started to head back home, he calmed down. Left him in the car while I got the burpies and the baby and he finally smiled when he got them. I was still livid. I kept lecturing about how he has to listen when I say we are taking the grey car, and that we would never ever drive home again after we get to school. He was all sweet and "yes, mama". I gave him lots of hugs and kisses when we got to school, he was still a bit clingy. Finally, I was able to leave him.

I was so exhausted from screaming and yelling at him (and calculating the amount of fuel I wasted driving back and forth.. at $2.299/G it is about 9 cents per mile x 7 miles = $.63, I guess that wasn't so bad), that I didn't go to the store and get food for Doug's birthday party on Sunday. Another time, now back to work...

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Anonymous said...

Well, several years has past since this post, and I suspect you have a different perspective on it now. (maybe not)

I guess whan I read this, my thinking was that 18 months was getting close to 24 months....and you know what they call the "two's".

But two years old isn't always terrible. Oh, my two daughters were a handfull for sure...but my first more than the 2nd so my youngest seemed like saint.

But there were later years that rivaled the "two's"...but through those also you shall survive. (and eventualy come to enjoy looking back)

At this point, my oldest daughter is in her 2nd year of college, and my youngest is a Sr in High school with 4 of five colleges having accepted her and her having this huge decision before her. (what her worry....huh?)

They grow up so don't forget to enjoy them every step of the way. (reading your Blog...I know you do)