Tuesday, August 24, 2004

White trash = laundry

Ever since my friend Jennifer (hi Jennifer, I know you're reading this) told me that her husband doesn't want to have an outdoor clothesline because he thinks it's "white trash", I've been calling our laundry white trash. "Time to take down the white trash", or while driving up to the house, "Oh there's our write trash". Plus Doug likes to point out "See that dilapidated house? They have a clothesline." At least now he allows me to leave the lines up when there's no company. Only the neighbor Mr. Plow (à la Simpsons), can really see it, plus they have a permanent clothes line tree in their backyard, so I'm sure it's OK with him. Certainly better than our dandelion field that blows onto his perfect lawn.

It is still a source of great joy when I put out the clothes. I've learned to just leave Dova in her bouncer on the deck where she can see me. I've also managed the perfect attachment parenting / save the environment scenario that I strived for earlier (it was dry and 70° that day).

White Trash is also a story in the Joyce Carol Oates book, Heat, which I am currently reading. Jumped ahead to read that story just for this post. Of course it has nothing to do with laundry. Written in the voice of a supposedly white trash woman, it is was very gritty and had a violent undertone. Upstairs, I'm also trying to read Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury. Completely difficult to read. Who is the narrator? How old is he? It skips back and forth and you have to figure out everything from the dialog. I gave up once after 14 pages, but then skipped ahead and found it was more interesting, but now I'm still stuck on p. 24. Just read the reviews on Amazon, maybe it is worth the effort, but maybe I'm just not up for the task. Thought I did really well to read through Steppenwolf, but that was difficult mostly because of the complex language. I was really impressed by the fact that this book was a translation and it managed to throw in all the English words that I have never heard of. What if the translator did not have such a vast vocabulary? Is it that difficult to read in German?

OK, way to go off the topic!! Too late on a nice vacation day!!

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