Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Applied Biosystems sucks

Of course I should have seen it coming, but frankly didn't think it would be me!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a post on a "Downsizing", "RIF", "Redeployment" (to the parking lot), it sometimes is a huge surprise.

I was working at a company called Kentron as Director of Engineering (big hat, no cattle) and we had had a tough three years. (laid off 3/4 of the company)

I was on vacation for the First Robotics Competition two years ago..and even on vacation, I called into a conference call with people in France to talk about a chip they were developing for is.

As the call started the CEO (my boss) asked me to call him on hiw cell phone. (I was on vacation mind you)

He chopped me right there.....on the cell. He even asked me to come in the mext day and clean my office, to which I told him to stick it because I was on vacation. I'd be in on Monday at the earliest. (I didn't actually say stick it....I just forcfuly said no....I'm not going to lower myself to their level :-)

That's why family trumps work every time....!