Sunday, February 13, 2005

IFC (Independent Film Channel)

I keep getting burned watching films on this channel. Maybe my tolerance for violence has dropped over the years, but some of the stuff is just too much. These two were both unbelievable true stories.

First it was Soldier's Girl (here is some possibly biased background info). This was a made for Showtime movie, so it really hard to find the title, but Google came through. Doug was first drawn in by the transvestite, he wanted to see how good he/she was (very convincing), but then we got sucked in and shocked by the extremely violent outcome.

Then there was Boys Don't Cry. I knew nothing about this movie except for the blurb from the digital cable. And I didn't even know that Hilary Swank won an Oscar for the role. She was just incredible. Again, had to fast forward through the violent rape scene, and Doug simply couldn't watch her being blown away at the end.

OK, I will now read up on the movies before I watch them!!

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