Sunday, February 13, 2005

Books books books

After a busy period where I couldn't get a single book read and had a hard time even keeping up with my Time magazine, I've finally been able to get some books read this year. Here they are:
  1. Angels and Demons. My mom bought this after reading The DaVinci Code. Same type of fast-paced Catholic themed action mystery thriller. Near the end, I had 200 pages left and tried to read it in one sitting. Got too tired and left 50 pages to read while the kids buzzed around me the next day.
  2. Morning, Noon and Night. Spalding Gray finally settles down and finds some kind of happiness in family life. Of course this is the guy's version where he has free time to do yoga, take a bike ride and read the newspaper, with 3 kids around!
  3. Yiddish with Dick and Jane. Gift for Doug from his sister. Very funny, and it's amazing how many words we use in everyday language are Yiddish!
  4. Jack of Diamonds. OK, I probably started this last year, but finally finished it. Very well crafted stories, but not the same caliber as Joyce Carol Oates (still finishing up Heat at the moment). Good stories, but didn't have that hook that would make you want more.
  5. Swimming to Cambodia. Probably Spalding's most famous work. I enjoyed it immensely. Had remembered seeing snippets of it before, especially the Bangkok shows (shooting the banana out of the vagina scene).

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