Sunday, February 13, 2005

Dova is SO BIG!

When Dova was first born, I had forgotten how small babies were. I was used to Adam's size and this tiny infant (albeit a big one compared to most at 8 lb. 11 oz.) was so small in comparison. I vowed to take note of her size as she grew so I could remember how small she was.

At first her tiny folded legs could fit into the palm of my hand. Her whole body would fit on my forearm, as she often needed to airplane around during her colicky periods. When she nursed, she fit snugly against me with her legs folded at my belly. As she got bigger, only her thighs would fit into the palm of my hand. She would still fit against me which she nursed, but her legs would sometimes stretch out along my thighs, but still a perfect fit. Now, she like to drape her legs over my thighs. Her legs are very long, already wearing Adam's 24 months pants. And now her upper arms are the only thing that fit in the palm of my hand.

Adam is growing by leaps and bounds as well. Thankfully, I got rid of those hole-ridden jeans that I was tired of fixing the patches on, as he easily transitioned into his size 5 pants. He is so handsome that I said he should be a movie star. I told him that he could play a race car driver. He thinks he will get a lot of toys if he is a movie star.

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