Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Gas mileage? Who cares!

When it is all of 4°F outside while I am dropping Adam off at school, I leave the car running with the heat and the heated seats on. It is wonderful to return to a warm car!! This is no longer the environmentally conscious Angela we all know. Last few tanks have been only 21.7 mpg, with the price per gallon getting over 10 cents. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

My mind was spinning because while I "think" I remember my parents talking about $0.50 per gallon gasoline....I had never heard of $0.10/gallon fuel.

Being tired, it took a second, but I think you meant 10 cents per mile....right? (or am I really much more tired than I reolize??? :-)

Angela said...

Good catch, I did mean 10 cents per mile. I have a spreadsheet with all that info, and that is one of the stats I track.