Thursday, July 28, 2005

Study finds no link between IQ and happiness

This article of course got my attention, especially this excerpt:

The study found that intelligence has both an upside ("increasing one's resources through entry to better employment, for example") and a downside ("awareness of alternative lifestyles or a striving for greater achievement"), both of which can contribute to — or undermine — happiness.

To which I respond, duh, money can't buy happiness. I've often thought that being more intelligent causes you to be less happy, especially when I was a teenager. But now, my life is happy, albeit busy.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I read this article, and found the conclusion (or perhaps the object of the study?) confusing.

I guess it is sort of like asking how important physical flexibility and quickness is to happiness.

My guess is that if your desire is to be a gymnast, it will be important....but if you desire to be a CPU Design's not so critical.

I hope they didn't pay very much for that 60 year long study. (if they did, they probably aren't happy....err, or maybe not that smart. Hmmm, maybe I do see where they were coming from :-)