Thursday, October 27, 2005

Our little genius

I think that parents always think their own kids are geniuses, but when you have one child and then another who is quite obviously outpacing the first, you may just have a real genius on your hands (and Adam is not at all behind!!). Our little girl began speaking in sentences around 19 months, which is no feat, but now she has completely blown our socks off at 22 months. In fact, when she visited the Junior Preschool room in her school (kids between 2 and 3), she outshone all of them in terms of recognizing colors, shapes, numbers, animals, etc. OK, so she doesn't have all her letters down yet, but she is getting close. On almost a daily basis, we get comments from different teachers at the school telling us how smart she is. She loves to look at books, and I think she even knows how to spell her name. Pretty soon she'll be reading (but hopefully not before Adam)!!

And it's not just intelligence. She can jump on 2 feet (which usually doesn't happen until after 2), and last month, she started climbing (falling) out of her crib. Adam was really advanced physically, but I don't think he even climbed out before 2. And since we said that our next child will move into a big bed when they start climbing out of their crib, she is already in her big girl bed. We had let Adam fall out of his crib, and then he learned to climb out nicely, and then he learned to climb back in. It was just silliness on our part, although I was a bit sad when he moved to a big bed at 2.5. The worst part of it all is that she thinks that she's older than she actually is, perhaps 5 or 6. She simply does not understand that she can't do all the things Adam can. If that our only problem, we'll take it!! Of course she hasn't hit those terrible 2's and 3's yet.

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