Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Walmart clothes again

Another bad Walmart clothes association... I got Adam these cool bright orange sparkle shorts (which he absolutely loves) from Walmart. We were at the dentist and we saw this boy come in with a lollipop in his mouth. Lollipop at the dentist - how clueless!! The thing was he was wearing the exact same shorts as Adam's favorite except in blue. Luckily Adam was not wearing his. To think that I would associate Adam with this clueless mom and boy by buying the same clothes!!

OK, so I got the comment that I was too snooty about those other girls. They were cute and I said hi, but they were just dirty!! I would never let Dova wear dirty clothes. If she got dirty during a meal, she would get changed immediately. Plus the clothes I got weren't exactly the same. One was wearing pink camouflage. Adam loves camouflage, but that is OK for boys. Plus pink camouflage? It just looks tacky. I guess I was just afraid of buying tacky clothes for Dova. When I got home, they passed the Doug test, so I guess they were OK!

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