Saturday, January 14, 2006

Who needs 20-way seats?

Every year, we participate in the Susan G. Komen Drive for the Cure, where you can test drive BMW's while they donate money for every mile you drive. When the new 5 series came out in 2004, we tried it out and I was so impressed by their 20-way seats!! The directions are: forward/back, up/down, tilt the back front/back, tilt the seat forward/back, move the thigh bolster forward/back, move the headrest up/down, tilt the top half of the seat forward back (basically for the headrest), move the lumbar support up/down, move the lumbar support in/out and finally move the side bolsters in/out. Doug was simply confounded by the choices, but I couldn't believe how amazingly comfortable I could get!! Especially the squeezing side bolsters, it was like getting a massage. So who needs 20-way seats? Well, no one really needs that (as Tom Hnatiw of Dream Car Garage would say). But who wants 20-way seats? I DO, I DO!!!


Anonymous said...

rather shallow dont u think?

Angela said...

Oh please.. lighten up!