Thursday, February 23, 2006

Apple charges for first iTunes 'podcast novel' -

I was a big fan of Earthcore (and still haven't finished Ancestor yet), even though Sci Fi/Horror isn't really my genre. Although I would never read or buy books like this, it makes for great listening on long drives. I'm glad Scott can make some money this way on his tremendous efforts in writing and narration. I'm even happier that his new books will appear as FREE podcasts first for those of us already on the bandwagon.

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Anonymous said...

I think I mentioned this in another post...or maybe I was just thinking of replying to this one a few days ago.

But my most recent experience with two books I had to read for an MBA class I am taking was quite interesting. I purchased both books and began reading them.

Both are organizational management books....kind of dull.....very much non-fiction. (right up my alley! :-)

The first one is titled "Execution", and the second "Built to Last".

I found Built to Last a very good read. but Execution was so very difficult. There was a lot of repetition and it seemed to dull to me.

I read online that people had found Execution much easier to listen to on I bought the CD at Amazon.(I bought the taped version of Built to Last too)

It turned out that Execution was a blast to listen to on my commute between home and work. (about 1 hour each way) It was a MUCH BETTER book to listen to than to read.

My experience with Built to Last was exactly the opposite. It was a much better read...I listened to it, and then picked it back up and read it...and the reading was much better.

Exactly why both were opposite....I have not analyzed it. Some day when I have time on my hands, and have perhaps tired of contemplating my navel, perhaps I will tackle that very question. (or maybe NOT)