Monday, February 20, 2006

iPopMyPhoto runaround

The folks at wouldn't do this collage of photos which would have been called "iAdam iJump" for the regular price of $19.95. They said it is really 5 photos to be done. I even offered twice the money. I ended up using a family photo of 4 people to try to get my money's worth. Then again, the collage is fantastic the way it is, after I clean up the edges a bit.


Anonymous said...

The composition of the whole thing is outstanding. I'm not a photographer, but my brain knows what it likes when I see it.

Very nice....

One did you edit these together? I mean with which tool? I ask, because I seem to detect maybe smaller bits of pictures behind (or between) the main photos. (I'm not being critical...just curious :-)

Angela said...

I just slapped this together with Microsoft Photo Editor (comes with Office). I deliberately didn't clean up the extra bits from when I was choosing and placing the pictures because I knew that they would be gone after it was iPopped.