Friday, February 17, 2006

My new glasses

After 9 years, I finally got a new pair of glasses. I love the funky frames, but Adam says he likes my old ones better. The boy is just resistant to change. I also love the swiveling LCD display on my Canon S2 IS for this self-portrait, but still it doesn't help me look less goofy.


Anonymous said...

Goofy...who are you looking at when you say that? These glasses look great! Of course, I don't know what your older glasses looked like, but these look very nice.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I too just bought new glasses after about 7 years with my last pair. I had trouble picking them out because I was "comfortable" with my then present set. (but I needed new one's...not only for a slight perscription change in my left eye, but because the old pair was pretty beat-up)

This blog entry has inspired me to do an "old vs new" glasses entry in my own journal....perhaps I will get more comments if I just "ask" people reading for them! (what a thought.... :-)

BTW: I like the glasses. They look very good on you.