Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Urban Dictionary: Nanogasm

This just came up on my Google Desktop Word-a-Day. How apropos!! I just love the iPod Nano, I may just have a Nanogasm!!


Anonymous said...

Wow....I wasn't sure what you were talking about...well, sort of...anyways, I did the Google search myself and sure enough....Apple must have some long coat tails to be defining words!

Check out:

1. Nanogasm
Obsession and erotic enjoyment derived from the mere thinking of Apple(tm) Nano Ipod or its accessories

user1: until then, IPOD CASES!!!!
seriously. i'd get a nano just to have those SEXXXXAY cases.
user2: um we going or are u just going to have nanogasms

tags ipod nano orgasm electronic fun
by Jpspiderman NJ Jan 25, 2006

Angela said...

OK, so I guess it isn't obvious that the title of the post is also the link? I used to embed the link in both the title and the text, but I thought I was being redundant... It comes from the handy "Blog this" button on the IE Google toolbar (uh oh, I think I'm getting Googled-out).

Angela said...

OK, I think you were foiled by Bloglines. Just click on the Link link under the post next time.

Anonymous said...

Either foiled by Bloglines or my own speed-reading (or lack of) ability.

At work, every now and again I catch a few minutes where I can clear my head and zip though reading a few of the many collection of BLOGs I have referenced.

I skim mostly...but generally focus a little more when I decide to post.

I see the link now....why I missed it before....sometimes there is no explaining it. (I really did Google it...I feel silly now :-)