Monday, March 20, 2006

Doug's new glasses

Here's Doug in his nifty Silhouette rimless glasses with his nifty little girl. These glasses are cool because they are barely noticeable. But for so little glasses, you have to pay so much $$$!!!


Anonymous said...

Actually, those are very nice frames indeed.(errrr....non know what I'm saying) It kind of makes me wish I was a bit more dramatic in my own choice last month.

But the real reason I post this comment is that my eye was drawn to your fruit hammock. (We own one too, but I actually think ours was called a banana hammock.... but that has a slightly different meaning these days, besides the one in the picture seems to have apples and pears in it ;-)

I have not seen ours in a long time....I wonder if my daughter scooped it for her dorm in NY. (it would not be the first thing that made that trip)

Angela said...

First the garbage can and now the fruit hammock? Is it so hard to look at the subject of the picture (j/k)? We also have a banana hangar nearby, but that didn't make it into the picture.

Anonymous said...

Hey...the first third of my comment was about the very person...errr, glasses you posted about. (and how sad I was for my being so conservative....but that's not how I normally feel about being that way..oh well....)

Anyways, I can't help it if I have a wandering eye, constantly drawn to familiar and/or strange things. (like trash cans and well....fruit hammocks....I don't know if that make me observant or just nosy)

Anonymous said...

Those are really. They make you look 5 years younger Nice choice.

Anonymous said...

That was me.

This weird verification thing messed me up.