Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ROFL at the gym

I was at the gym when I listened to this (very short) podcast: Jerry Lewis Undergoes Emergency Gefloigel Surgery The Onion - America's Finest News Source. It somehow tickled my funny bone so much that I couldn't lift the weights anymore because I was laughing so hard. I kept listening to it over and over and still I kept laughing. No one at the gym stared at me, so at least it wasn't too embarrassing.

One day on the way home, I heard Blogging: A Blight or a Boon to Marriage? Since the topic is so near and dear to me, I was again laughing so hard that I couldn't even hear the podcast. It was very true to life and humorous.

As a side note, this story describes how IM abbreviations are entering mainstream language (as my post title will show): OMG: IM Slang Is Invading Everyday English.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I am much of an IM or Text message I cheated and wrote the message shown way below and translated it at:

Here is the resulting translation, but I'd go to the bottom and read the english. (even my normally mangled english is more readable that this tripe....I guess I'm showing my age again! :-)
wel, wen I read dis post, I had2 rush ovr 2 D Onion site 2C wha t sortA oder audio dey had. wel, I found somit, dat lk mnE Dilbert strips, actuly hits vry clse 2 hom 4 me. ck dis 1 ot: thN dis 1 cort me 2....I gueS my senZ of humor isa bit warped. (or praps itz coz itz aftr midnite +I am zzz Dprivd... :I


Well, when I read this post, I had to rush over to the Onion site to see what sort of other audio they had.

Well, I found something, that like many Dilbert strips, actually hits very close to home for me.

Check this one out:

Then this one caught me too....I guess my sense of humor is a bit warped. (or perhaps it is because it is after midnight and I am sleep deprived...hmmm :-)