Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy Fourth!

We managed to go to two sets of fireworks this year. Here is the best shot taken at Manchester, NH. Maybe next year I will actually use a small tripod, but it is hard to capture a moving target (by that I mean Adam, not the fireworks!). Apparently, Adam started smiling at a girl nearby and soon he was looking more at her than at the fireworks. I realized this afterwards, when I glanced over and found her smiling at him! I maxed out my camera memory so I only got part of the finale. Thankfully, a new 4GB card is on its way.


Anonymous said...

Like I said in the comment for this photo...I really do like this one a lot.

It is a great shot of the firework itself...and the position and sharpness of your son looking so intently at the display really leads me to the subject.

I only wish the computer I use all the time had a brighter display so I could see the detail a bit mroe...but that is my problem, not yours.

The video is great to. Do you have video editing/splicing software? I assume this is a few clips cut and What software do you use?

Very nice comment...I know from the post that you are talking about July 4th...and that you posted it it ends up with todays date...but can you post an entry with a back-date? In most cases, even this, it doesn't make much of a difference...but it might make more sense a year from now if the post was actually dated July 4th. (This is what I do if I think the event has a specific tie to a a birthday or holiday.)

Just a thought. (and not a very important one at that)

Angela said...

Yes you can arbitrarily put dates on posts. In fact, I often have drafts that are several months to a year old (or more), and if I forget to update the post to the current date and time, it will get posted to the archives, in which case I wonder what happened to it!! I would rather be authentic and post the actual date and time rather than back post it a few days. In the archives, it all comes through in July which is good enough.

In terms of the splicing software, I simply use the Windows Movie Maker which comes with Windows XP (free is always a good price for me). It is simple to use and also compresses the large AVI files to WMA format.

Anonymous said...

I guess the difference in philosophy between current and back dating might come from the very nature of what the poster thinks they are doing.

I guess I take the name of my posting site very literally...and feel I am writing a "Journal". So I guess I would then try to write things in the order in which I did them.....(so the reader can see how my life progresses as they read

I generally try not to back-post things "ahead" of posts I have already made....that is, it will (generally) still me my current newest post....but I will back date it so that it reflects the date I am writing about. (because I generally don't get to write in exactly the same day.)

Most of my entries don't have a very specific date-centric significance, and they can just be added in whenever they need be. I guess that is just how my strange mind works. (if that even makes sense)

Also....I've never even tried Movie Maker....I suspect I probably have more "tricks" within XP that I have not played with too.

Thanks for the info.....