Monday, August 21, 2006

Day 1 of vacation

August 19, 2006: Headed up to George's house around 1pm. Packing was a real chore with the crazy kids and then lunch got in the way as well. On the way past Pepperell Airport, we stopped and watch a planeload of skydivers landing. One guy did a loop-de-loop about 200 feet above the ground.

We arrived at George's the exact same minute as Jenn and family. They immediately headed out on the boat while Adam and Dova played on the beach, only to get completely soaked by rain a half hour later.

Inside, we played 4 handed cribbage, boys (Phil and Steven) against girls (Jenn and me), and the girls got skunked the first game. We were well on our way to winning the second game when we stopped for dinner (OK, we were only ahead by 2 points). After a dinner on the balcony and another boatride for Jenn's family minus Jenn, everyone settled down for a game of spoons with my "invisible cards". Adam didn't quite get the game, but he loved sitting on the same chair with his new pal Steven.

Our kids were totally wired that night and didn't get to sleep till after 11pm.  Doug and I were completely exhausted!

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Anonymous said...

I like the transparent cards....but I've never played "spoons". So I of course went to the net to get the rules. (not that I was going to go round up people to play...)

Now I'm even more confused....I found two net references to a card game called "spoons".

First this one that sounds very complicated....but plausible since it was described as one that Mork and Mindy played:

Then this one that seems simple enough....but for some reason reminds me of anothercard game that I thought I played but can't remember:

Either way, it looks like a lot more fun than rush hour traffic!

Angela said...

Yes it is the game described in Wikipedia. I didn't actually play it, but it looked like fun.