Thursday, September 14, 2006

I love shiny things - iTunes 7.0

Being in the GUI business, I have to say I LOVE the new iTunes album display. Yes, I can be quite the superficial glitzy girl. I know they already have those flipping windows in the Mac OS, but I thought I had to wait until Windows Vista to enjoy them. No longer, here they are in iTunes. Flipping through these albums in iTunes is better than doing it in real life where all the albums would be falling out of your hands. I also exercised Get Album Artwork, and got some of the artwork, albeit not all correct. The Extreme Pr0nografitti was replaced by the magna-eye girl above, and I got a German Sound of Music below. (Yes, I took me forever to find some interesting screen shots that didn't totally embarass me...)

Here's the other cool thing... Look at all that free space! I'm slacking off.


Anonymous said...

Kool....I will probably end up downloading iTunes 7.0 at some point....even though I think it is somehow only used for it's database by the older version of the Creative MediaSource tool. (I think I can use it to subscribe to some FREE stuff...and I have seen some interesting books on tape as well)

Embarassed by some of your Album Artwork? What are we talking, DISCO? [Been there, done that, but NEVER had the leisure suit to prove it! ]

Speaking of I am typing in a BLOG comment at 2:00pm on a Friday! (from my office at work!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know I already told you, but I thought I would post here about Project Looking Glass developed at Sun Microsystems.
( )

Ah huh.....I work there but did not know about it. (I think it is a Sun Labs thing)

Anyways, check out my Journal page on it: (I made a tiny URL for it)

Angela said...

Geez, finally after fighting with the Blogger photo hosting service (these pics don't warrant Flickr!), I have crispy clear graphics to show off!!

Anonymous said...

Much nicer......what was the issue? (did they limit upload size or something?)

Angela said...

No apparently they save two images, not one, where one is low res and one high and there is an ever so slight difference in the URL which I hadn't noticed before. So I picked the high res image URL and simply resized it for the post (sometimes you have to tweak the HTML if you want it to be perfect).