Monday, October 02, 2006

My Celebrity Look-alikes

MyHeritage - create your own family Website

Interestingly enough, I match up to more Japanese celebrities than Chinese (or perhaps there are not as many Chinese celebs). I'm not sure how this blonde got first place though. That guy Ryo really does look like me. And please, I'm much cuter than Jennifer Aniston!!

Try it out at if you dare to be vain like me!

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Anonymous said...

Ok..I see the similarity in all of your matches. (and while I'm not going to compare "cuteness", I'm not so down on Aniston as you seem to be...but I digress)

So I tried this thing myself....and well, I am a homely sort for sure, but give me a break!

For this photo:

I get:
Gary Busey - 70% (gag me with a spoon)
Salman Rushdie - 66% (huh?)
Donald Rumsfeld - 62% (he has me by almost 20 years!)
Moby - 60% (oh brother)
Kelsey Grammer - 60%
Jay Leno - 56% (no one looks like him!)
Primo Levi - 54% (I have to stop there...I'm getting queezy)

With this photo,

I get: (it gets worst!)
Bob Dole (Mr. Viagra) - 62%
Richard Gere (Mr Gerbal) - 62%
William Hurt - 62%
Serg Gainsbourg (I'm losing my will to live) - 60%
Eugene Levy - 60% (I actually see some similarity in the pictures)
Dermot Mulroney (at least he seem a bit younger) - 59%

Ok....that's all my already fragile and now fractured ego can take....I can actually see the similarity of most all of those picked for you....and I honestly KNOW I'm not any sort of prize...but BOB DOLE and DONALD RUMSFELD....I must really need a make-over...but fast!