Friday, November 17, 2006

Bertie Bott's Beans - What are they thinking?

I picked up a couple of these Jelly Belly Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans because they were half price at the supermarket. One went to Adam's girlfriend Nellie (one of many), who had a Harry Potter birthday party over the summer. The other we kept at home. Adam, who is a picky eater, simply said he didn't like them. So I tried to pawn them off on Dova, who eats pretty much anything. She would chew one and then spit it into her hand and say "I don't like this kind" and I'd tell her to toss it in the garbage. I was desperate for something sweet a few days ago, so I started raiding them. The first one I tried and said, "Hmm, this tastes like bacon." Doug looked at me like I had two heads. Another day, I had one and it tasted like black pepper. Today, I had one and it was simply putrid. Finally, I looked at the tag and saw the flavors.

The one I spit out was vomit flavor. What the heck are these Jelly Belly people thinking?!?!?! Do some twisted kids actually eat this stuff? Or do they simply use it as gags on other people? There should be BOLD lettering somewhere warning people that these are not flavors that normal people would want to eat!! And poor Nell, to think she probably had a few without realizing her fate. No wonder they were half price. Being frugal does not always pay!!
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Anonymous said...

I'd love to know where you bought those Jelly beans! This would be a great part my Christmas Yankee Swap gift!!!!

The swap is a Lewis-Merola family tradition, and I will generally bring some sort of gag gift. (thought I generally make sure it has some actual value or coolness to it as well)

I started the this practice about 8 years ago when my gift was a huge orange toilet brush that I bought for $0.50 at the Sisters of PMA Yardsale. (I think it came with a nice box of chocolates..I think you get the idea)

Anyways, that toilet brush comes back every year since....the person who get's "stuck" with it has the job of "hiding it" the next year and bringing it as part of their gift.

Here are pictures from last year's Yankee Swap where my daughter brought the brush (hidden as a small brush in another gift) and my mother inlaw ended up getting it. (my daughter also baked a toilet-brush cake for the lucky winner too)

So please tell me there are more of these at the store! (and which store?)

Angela said...

I got them at Hannaford's for $1.99 (full price was $3.99). I don't think they have them anymore. You can click the top picture link for an online store at $5.25, but it is definitely not worth paying that!

Anonymous said...

Well, as you luck at Hannaford in Hudson.....but I have a bid in on Ebay for $1.32 plus shipping for a 4.2 oz bag.

I never read Harry Potter, so I guess I don't understand the significance of these beans or the flavors.....but my wife and two daughters are Harry Potter junkies and might think these are cool. (or at least cool because they are so gross.....sometimes it's cool to be "shocking" you know)

Anonymous said...

I received my beans...such a small bag! (and I don't dare try one....not only because I might gag, but I have not had sugar in such a long time it might in itself make me sick!)

Anonymous said...

They're great when you mix them in with regular Jelly Belly's. Then you get a really good Berty Bott's experience. So many flavors, and you never know if it's gonna be delicious grape, or buttered popcorn, or dirt. It's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I think black pepper is the only 'gross' flavour that isn't gross. I actually liked that one. However, I agree that the vomit one is horrendous. And, YES, these are gag flavours...they were in the books too! Harry, Ron, Professor Dumbledore all spat out the gross ones; Harry ate the black pepper one though, which means he didn't find it too bad!